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24-Jan-2009, 10:17 AM
ladyferry said:

Is it me or have the forums become a tad bitchy of late? I have noticed especially in the last six to eight months that if someone says something wrong or out of agreement with other members, that certain forum members go to town with bitching and (dare I say it?) bullying the member in question into submission.

It is not funny! it is cruel.

So what if someone has put up a double post! so what if someone says something that you do not agree with. If you feel that it is wrong say it in an intelligent manner and don't rip someone to shreds!

This is an online forum for fans of Adywan and his amazing edits. Lets keep our bitchy comments to ourselves and stop this bullying and bitching nonsense.

It detracts from why we are really here.

My feelings as well. The kneejerk reactions and condescending posturing are tiring. Adywan has always been able to effectively guide the conversation here when someone was confused or off base. No need for everyone to become self-proclaimed lieutenants. Let's keep it constructive.

Ady, great work on the Falcon/Destroyer shots! Awesome color and starfield! Can't wait to see it all together!