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Read these two articles please...
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19-Feb-2004, 4:45 PM

Originally posted by: Rebel Scumb
I like the new ending to Jedi, however i agree the luke scream is awful.


The problem with the confrontation scene (number 1) is obviously the way Han Solo jerks his head Abruptly and not so much that Greedo shot first. "

But more distressing is that it deflates Hans character Arc. The whole point is he is suppose to seem like a guy who cannot be trusted when we first meet him, a shoot first ask questions later kind of guy. We hear him guarntee to Luke and Ben that he can get them past the empire, then a moment later discover he dumps his cargo at the first sign of imperial cruisers. By having Greedo shoot first, it makes Han less of an anti-hero, and also makes absolutely no sense, given that we see Han drawing his pistol under the table (if he was not going to shoot, then why?). And of course there is the most obvious problem that it makes no sense that Greedo would miss from that distance. I could see if they had added in Han kicking the table which would hit Greedo and make him miss. But they didn't. He just missed from point blank range.

I was thinking about this earlier and I think I figured out why Lucas changed the Han/Greedo scene. I think Lucas made up his mind early on that he wanted to reinsert the Jabba scene into the film. Doing so means that the Han/Greedo encounter had to change. Greedo was threatening to bring Han to Jabba to collect the bounty on his head. That was a BIG threat, so Han shot Greedo to escape. That all works fine in the Original Trilogy.

BUT in the Special Edition, Han can't shoot Greedo and then bump into Jabba later on without jerking out his blaster and popping some rounds. It wouldn't make dramatic sense to shoot first against Greedo so that he won't be taken to Jabba, but then gleefully converse with Jabba as if nothing happened later on.

Or maybe I'm overanalyzing. Even if I'm wrong, Greedo shooting first doesn't work and neither does the Han/Jabba scene.

- Trentobi