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Okay, what did we LIKE about the Special Editions?
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19-Feb-2004, 4:35 PM

Originally posted by: Bossk
With The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones it was new scenes.
People keep talking about these new scenes. I have yet to see either on DVD. What are the new scenes?

The AOTC DVD basically features an extension to Anakin's confession to Padmé. It supposedly helps sell her forgiveness of him. Personally, while I love Lucas to death, there is no denying that the love story in AOTC just doesn't really work very well. It had to pretty much wrap itself up completely by the end of the film and I understand that, but still...

Anyway, so yeah. As far as I can tell, the other "additions" to AOTC aren't actually additions at all, but were present during digital screenings of the film, but absent from film projected screenings simply because Lucas had time to add in those changes. In the digital version of AOTC (and of course the DVD), Jango's jet packs malfunctions and that's why Mace so easily killed him; Fett was relying on his jet pack to save him, but when it died... well, so did Jango. Moving on, at the end of the wedding ceremony, Padmé grabs Anakin's left hand (his real one) with her right hand and then his mechanical right hand with her left hand. In the film version, she only grabbed his left hand.

Those are all the changes as best I can remember them.

- Trentobi