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obi-wan trentobi
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It's just marketing... wait a while.
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19-Feb-2004, 4:21 PM

Originally posted by: Luke30
Jay I agree with what you said in this topic. I will buy the star wars trilogy when it comes out in on september 21st on dvd. I think that some people are making a big thing about george lucas not release the original cuts. That's just my opion. I like the special edtion because it sound better than the originals.

If anybody else had written this, I probably would've skipped past it. However, it was Luke30 (who must've been a parrot in another life) and he was surprisingly opinionated in this post, much moreso than you see in his other intelligence-draining brain numbathons.

As for Lucas being greedy, I really wish you people would wake up and smell the coffee. If Lucas (spelled with a 'C', not 'K') was simply out for the money, he would've released the SE trilogy on DVD and VHS in '97, TPM on DVD in '99, the SE trilogy again on DVD and VHS in 2000, possibly the originals in '01 on VHS and DVD, an "updated" version of the SE trilogy and the Ultimate Editions in '06. After that he could release a mega boxed set that combines everything that's ever been released before. I'm sure there are many other ways he could gouge as much money as possible from the fans.

But since he hasn't done any of that, I have to conclude that Lucas is simply doing what he wants to do and anybody who doesn't like that can go to hell, in his opinion.

If we keep waging our battle, we will eventually get the Original Trilogy on DVD. 20th Century Fox isn't run by idiots, they can picture the cash register cha-chinging. Despite what some of you may think, there's a big market for the Original Trilogy. The marketing campaign could be something like "Star Wars, the way you remember it!" or something. Fox is a business and like any business, they want to deliver products people will pay money for. And if they have to sweet-talk Lucas into agreeing to it, then they will. Because they have before.

- Trentobi