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Abrams is Destroying Star Trek like Lucas has Destroyed Star Wars
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30-Dec-2008, 12:06 AM
skyjedi2005 said:

Hey thats not fair to say that at all about me, i liked Insurrection sure it was not as sucessful as first contact but insurrection felt like real star trek and first contact was a action flick.

Hmm, I could have sworn you said Insurrection was bad in an earlier post. Sorry if I was incorrect there. I know some other people (perhaps in another thread) also said they had issues with the movie. I remember Anchorhead saying he disliked it a lot. Oh well.

I'm glad at least two other people here like the movie. It's actually my favorite after Wrath of Khan. As for First Contact, it's perfect to describe it as an action flick. That's not to say I don't like First Contact a lot (action movies are cool after all), but I think it really misses the point of Star Trek.