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What was your first experience with Star Wars?
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18-Feb-2004, 3:51 AM
My first memory is of getting R2D2 and C3P0 and taking them with me when my mother went to the bank. The woman at the desk looked at my figures and said "Oh, Ar-too-dee-too" and I looked at her like "That's not how it's pronounced". I was only 5 in 77, so I don't remember seeing Star Wars, but my parents said I did.

I do remember seeing The Empire Strikes Back and sitting in my parents wagon on the ride home asking why they didn't show Han Solo getting rescued. My father, always the cynic, said "That's so you'll come back and spend more money to see the next movie".

I remember spending a loooong time waiting in line for ROTJ with my uncle- this was before my area had a theatre with more than 3 screens. We got very close to the door and heard the announcement that it was sold out and they'd have another showing in 3 hours.