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Superman by Taolar (Formally: Son of Jorel) WORKPRINT AVAILABLE
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28-Dec-2008, 5:32 AM

10.I it possible to add a couple of neck break sounds in the White House attack when Ursa kicks and karate chops a couple of the guards, her actions look very lightly a bone break sound may make it look more edgy.

Sure!  That's a great idea!


Thought I'd have a bit of fun and try and do a rough cut of this sequence and make it a little more tough, hopefully the changes are not to in your face.

I have added extra blast noises to the explosions with the rocket lauchers.

Added 2 blood sqibs to the two guards who Zod shoots.

Added a little rubble and fire when Non walks to the 2 soldiers.

Added extra fire when the rocket launcher hits the ceiling.

Trimed by a couple of frames the body guard being thrown through the wall, got rid of the bouncy wall.

Added a blood sqib to the guard on the floor that Ersa kicks in the face followed by a bone break, also trimmed his hiding on the floor by a few frames.

Added a more powerful wack by Ersa to the final guard.

Like mentioned its all pretty rough just to show that it can be a bit more violent and show the villans as bad ass villians.

Oooh the clip is Mpeg and Pal encoded.