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Superman by Taolar (Formally: Son of Jorel) WORKPRINT AVAILABLE
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24-Dec-2008, 7:23 PM
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24-Dec-2008, 7:32 PM
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I have just had the opportunity to watch Son of Jorel and for a pre release it scores very highly with what you have attempted to do with many high points and a couple of nags.

The overall edits with part one concerning Superman the Movie are mostly flawless, I was very impressed with the edits, I watched it with a friend who didn't notice any edits until nearly into the first half.

A few niggles with me are minor on this section but I'll list them for any creative review from Jo public.

1. After the credit sequence there is a fade to black and sound drop with Jorel approaching earth, this fade out didn't really suit with the sound drop a little jarring, possibly better with some form of a blend with the end of the fanfare Superman theme credit sequence then approaching earth.

2. The introduction of the Otis character is lacking the reason why the cops are following him. In the original it's in the hope he will lead them to Lex, with Otis not a major character the inclusion of this section may help.

3.The rearming of the missile by Miss Teshmacher, Otis and Lex, not sure on this one, nothing wrong with the scene as its needed, but I thought the fake car crash sequence may of suited it better excluding the comedic elements with Otis tho, whether that’s possible I don't know.

4.The sequence in Lex's underground lair when they are discussing the missile and detonator, obviously they are originally talking about 2 missiles but the voice editing on this section seemed a tad rough.

5.This one I hated in the Donner Cut, and is dependant on how you are watching it but the release of the 3 super villains (as Lex calls them) I hate the very bad blue screen work here as they are floating in space, the Lester footage is a lot better if its possible to add Zods FREE! Quote on the Lester footage it will look a lot better to me, sorry pet hate on Donners cut.

6. The unfinished FX shot of Perry White reading the news headlines, great to see what you are going to do here.

7. This one is my biggy Lex's trip to the Fortress of Solitude, there is no explanation that I could see of why Lex is heading to the North Pole and to find the Fortress or even how he knew it existed did puzzle me this one!

8.The villains arrival in the Hick Town, with Zod and Ursa looking at the arm wrestling then Bang one of the guys thrown through the wall of the bar, would work better with the inclusion of Ursa sitting down with the guy then we'll known Ursa throw him through the wall.

9. The sequence straight after the above with the guy pointing a Shotgun at them and Zod stating these humans are beginning to Bore me, was confused as to why you replaced the finger beam with a double eye beam, the single finger beam would be better as when it burns the guy its a single beam, Gotta say love the FX shot of the burn and scream, gives it a darker edge.

10.I it possible to add a couple of neck break sounds in the White House attack when Ursa kicks and karate chops a couple of the guards, her actions look very lightly a bone break sound may make it look more edgy.

11. The sequence were Clark is begging for his powers back off his father is truly missing the Brando footage Clark just finding the green crystal leaves it unsure how he gets his power back. The Donner/Brando footage explains it way better.

12. Love your new ending, but the voice over in the Donner cameo explaining they have found Superman’s home needs a little bit more tweaking. 

These points are minor, in my opinion and with what Taolar has achieved is truly amazing and I do give him high praise indeed, the minor points aside there is way too many plus sides to list. So to any one wishing to experience a full Superman experience get Superman: Son of Jorel and fully support Taolar and hopefully a DVD completed version soon???