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Video Games - a general discussion thread
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22-Dec-2008, 5:45 AM
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C3PX said:

I said nothing about not having read the other reasons you posted. Really not sure how/why you so often come to such outrageous conclusions. Perhaps I agreed with you on all other points, and that is why I did not comment on them. I certainly don't think that would be an unreasonable assumption to make.

Outrageous conclusions? So often?

You said (and I quoted) that sales aren't an indicator of what looks best. This was after you finished a long criticism of one of my reasons for why I believe the PSX (eventually) sold more units than the N64. You were talking to me and so it seems fairly obvious that you were trying to argue against my opinions with that statement of yours. How was that an outrageous assumption for me to make? (I didn't even fully make that assumption; I asked you a question to verify if I was interpreting you correctly.) If you are a person that has trouble communicating your thoughts then that's not my problem. You should have made it more clear that you didn't think I believed that.

Anyways, Darth Chaltab, I'm not offended by C3PX's misunderstanding of my "long and in-depth" point. It wasn't and still isn't very clear on my part. It's a rather hard to define quality (as I was using the term). For my part, I'm not heated over this discussion at all.

I actually believe the N64 had the best graphics of that generation to the degree where I think the PS2 is at a very comparable level with it. I also prefferred the N64 in terms of its gameplay as well: Ocarina of Time, Diddy Kong Racing, Super Smash Bros., Majora's Mask, Goldeneye, StarFox64, Turok 1&2, Episode I Racer (which was actually quite fun), Castlevania64, Bomberman64, Paper Mario, Shadows of the Empire, and others.

However, a strict ability to render graphics and perform quick gameplay is not all a system can excell with. Pre-rendered content can be very important for certain types of games and can often make games very compelling with visuals and sounds (that was all I was trying to communicate). The PSX used a medium that had far more storage capacity (for the price) and that allowed it to be far more compatible with games that relied on a lot of detailed content to enhance gameplay.

Most games for the PSX sucked. I'm no fan of racing games, fighting games, or sports games. I also dislike it when crappy companies are contracted to make important franchise games, but that's most often the case (Goldeneye was a brilliant fluke). I can't speak for your personal experiences, C3PX, or for your friends, but I liked the PSX for other types of games and can easilly see why it was so popular.