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Darth Mallwalker
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The "EditDroid" Trilogy DVD Info and Feedback Thread (Released)
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10-Dec-2008, 5:21 PM
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10-Dec-2008, 5:45 PM
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Darth Mallwalker
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JustVisiting@alt.binaries.starwars said:
It was an evolutionary process. Our first project was a Star Wars disc
that was quite different than the one in wide circulation. It had no
ROM content. The second project was Empire, which again had no
content. When we moved on to Jedi, we decided to include some ROM
content, but made no special way of presenting it. We then went back
and did Star Wars again, this time with the isolated score, and when
it came time to make the ROM content, we decided on the html
presentation for the McQuarrie art.

I wish we'd done ROTJ like the second SW, but you can see the timeline
above shows why we didn't.

Anyway, in the interest of presenting the
cat-what's-been-released-from-the-bag in the best possible manner, the
extra stuff from SW and TESB are on the way.

-The EditDroid Team



So no ROM content for TESB, but yes JACKET_P for all three.

Will you be including the official artwork on the discs? I don't believe it was included in the filesystems originally.

I've no idea about volume labels. I think SKot & Sluggo got their copies straight from the horse, as it were....



So why does the quoted text appear in a different font than the one I posted last night?

The editor here blows, and sucks, and swallows