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Read these two articles please...
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15-Feb-2004, 9:52 PM

Originally posted by: Rebel Scumb
according to AICN, the sabers were not fixed in that version.

as for the jabba scene, I know it was originally shot, But I highly doubt they planned to replace jabba with a creature back in 1976, it was just going to be that guy, and here's why:

1.the guy is in costume

2.Han refers to him as a human being

3.There was no way to technically achieve that shot back then, nor would ILM have any belief they could, its a moving shot with no blue screen and Han walks both infront of and behind Jabba, hell ILM had trouble doing it with digital technology, there is no way they would of shot it the way they did if they intended to sub in a creature afterwards, not in their wildest dreams.

Look at the shot, it would of been impossible.

There are two more causes why I think Jabba was originally meant to be human: the 7ties comic adaption and the book-adaption. In both Jabba is not described as an alien. I want to emphasise especially on the comic. In this you also get a first look onto Biggs Darklighter. You get to see some scenes with him (Tatooine and Yavin) and the scenes were very similar to what appeared in the SE or at some other sources of cut film material. The same is true for the Jabba in the comic. He looks very similar to the one in the original scenes that didn’t make it into the film. It’s hard to believe that the comic artists were told to create the comic based on unfinished scenes. It appears more likely that they became a rough cut of the film or a drawn script, that showed the movie how it orignially was intended to be.