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Inconsistent use of "the force"
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18-Nov-2008, 5:18 PM
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18-Nov-2008, 5:26 PM
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Octorox said:
Vaderisnothayden said:

This sort of unlimited power turns up in a ridiculous sequence in the original Clone Wars animated series, in which Mace Windu wipes out a droid army single handedly.


It wasn't ridiculous. It was STYLIZED. That's why it's a cartoon and not an actual Star Wars movie. It's the same with the force unleashed game. It's not supposed to be canon, it's just supposed to look cool.

Style doesn't excuse stuff like that, unless you want to say the style is bloody idiotic. I don't care if it's stylized or a cartoon or non-canon or supposed to look cool, it's still damn ridiculous. And to be honest I'm quite sick of Star Wars things being designed to look cool. Supposed coolness has been shoved on us with a heavy hand since The Phantom Menace. I prefer the days when Star Wars didn't shout "Look, this is cool!" at you all the time. In particular, I'm utterly sick of the supposed coolness of the Jedi. Thank goodness for order 66.