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It's official! the 2004 OT DVD release will be the Special Editions :(
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15-Feb-2004, 12:34 PM

Originally posted by: HotRod
Do you know what I think may happen...

Once all the films are released on DVD, we will get a super box set like the Alien box set. The Archival Edition.....Right!!!!
I know we are all going on about the SE sucking(not me though..I don't mind them), but I thin Mr Lucas might just do what they did with Alien.
Come 2007 or whatever, we will gat either a 14 disc box set. With the super special editions of all 6 movies. All the shit with extra footage etc, and also the Thearical relaese.
Now, depending on the thechnoloy in 2006-7 it will be a 14 disc set or, if they can fit 2 movies on 1 disc, a 8 or 9 disc set.
I'm telling ya all, thats whats gonna happen.
It will be the biggest and best box set in history.
The way the films were origainally, and the way the films he wants now, all in one beautiful set.

This will be Star Wars for everybody.

Just to keep everybody happy..

Just wait and see....

You will finally get the OT on DVD.

14 discs? Ha! Need I remind you that high definition (with much improved storage capacities over standard DVD) is just around the corner? With that type of technology at his disposal, it might very well be possible to include The Original Theatrical Cut, the '97 Special Edition cuts and the oft-rumored Archive Editions all on a single platter. The resolution may or may not be as great as high definition is capable of... but these are old films, I doubt high definition would significantly improve the way they look. It might be possible to include all three cuts of each film on a single disc along with a commentary. If not... well, speaking only for myself, I care most about getting The Original Theatrical Cuts and the Archive Editions... I don't need to see the Special Editions preserved, but it IS paramount to preserve The Original Theatrical Cuts and the Archive Editions, in my opinion.

- Trentobi