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obi-wan trentobi
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It's official! the 2004 OT DVD release will be the Special Editions :(
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14-Feb-2004, 10:20 AM

Originally posted by: R2-G2
I don't mean to be rude, but if you came up to me at a store and told me not to buy something, I'd probably tell you to go stick it somewhere. Coming at people like that is confrontational and it is a normal instinctive human response to treat such an approach as hostile and will most likely get you kicked out of the store, because if I was a manager, you would be interfering with my business. Doing something like you are proposing will get you hauled off by the cops.

Yes, exactly that. Plus if someone approached me in a store and told me not to buy something, I'd tell them to stick it and buy the thing just to piss them off.

People, we've lost a BATTLE, not the war. If and when this petition passes 100,000 signatures (which isn't as impossible as it may seem), then perhaps printed copies of the petition should be sent to key-people inside Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox. And hell, sending a copy to Dreamworks SKG (on the off chance Speilberg might actually get it and take our side in the matter) might be worth it too. Signing the petition is as good as saying "I'd buy the Original Trilogy on DVD if it was ever released". If any movie studio had a guarantee of selling 100,000 copies of a set, they'd be a lot more likely to produce it. Even more likely the higher the number climbs.

We can't change his mind, but Lucas has caved in to pressure from 20th Century Fox numerous times before (he did so with the Special Editions), so why wouldn't he now? IMHO, we need to be focusing our efforts on them the most.

- Trentobi