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George Lucas' explanation why the OT is obsolete to him
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14-Feb-2004, 9:55 AM

Originally posted by: Rebel Scumb
I think there are a lot of factors. I think because his wife edited some of them, because he fought with Gary Kurtz a lot (and he contributed a lot to the success of ANH and especially ESB), because did not direct two of them, because he didn;'t have enough money to do everything the way he likes, because the studio made him change things in ANH, and because they were very hard to make.

Many people regard A New Hope as one of the classic SW films. Lucas wrote and directed that. Also, 20th Century Fox didn't have a whole lot of influence in the production. One reason for that is because Lucas made the film outside of Hollywood, so the studio could adopt an "out of sight, out of mind" approach regarding the film. Also, Lucas's biggest ally was Alan Ladd, jr, who could go to bat for Lucas anytime the production was threatened. Basically, Lucas made ANH more or less the way he wanted to (except for the effects and scale of everything). The studio were a bunch of jerks to him, but they didn't screw up the film as much as they could've.


When you read old drafts of SW, they are a lot more like the PT then the OT in style and content. I think GL is very bitter aboput having to comprimise things and is so caught up in this that he's blinded himself to the fact that sometimes comprimising due to budgets and technological limitations actually lead you to a better end product. Nessesity is the mother of invention and artist thrive on oppressive limitations, on adversity. I think GL is so caught up what he couldn't do, that he's missed completely what he did do, which was create three classic films.

You're wrong. Lucas wrote all the drafts of ANH and was satisfied enough with the shooting draft to actually shoot it. If there are stylistic differences between all the drafts (and I know there are), it's because Lucas changed revised the story and it's tone with each additional draft. The tone of the drafts weren't different because of technological constraints.

Lucas wrote a scene in one of the original drafts depicting Anakin disappearing into a broom closet with some girl and when he came out, he was straightening his shirt, tucking it in, etc. I haven't seen that in the prequels yet!!


I totally agree. I love the idea of the SE, and even though I don;t like some of the changes, I do love some of the others. I just want the original version as well. Personally I'm stoked about hte ultimates, I think they will match better with the PT when the whole thing is done. But to me there will be the 6 part saga with the PT and UE, and then there will be the starwars trilogy, which contains niether prequels or SE material, and is its own three part story.

Agreed completely... but again, WE FANS DESERVE ALL OF THE VERSIONS!!

- Trentobi