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Star Wars Saga: Silent Film Edition
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25-Oct-2008, 2:32 AM
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25-Oct-2008, 2:40 AM
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Thanks for the quick review, the screenshots and making DivX negative 1!

I'll try to do DivX for both episode this week end.

also, i know the stories, but it can get confusing when more than

   one person is having a dialogue, and you don't know who said what..

Yes, it was quite difficult to do... I tried to make it as clear as I can. I sometimes even added the name of a character inside the setences (so we understand it is not him who speaks!).

Did you fix the awful Lucas dialogue between padme and anakin ?


did you take out Jar Jar?

He don't speak "Gungan" anymore, he actualy help Qui-Gonn and the queen.

And he's not the clumsy clown fo the story anymore. But my Goal was to stay as close as I can of the story.

So Jar Jar is still here, but not that much.


another thing, why didn't you use some 'old movie' filters for it,

scratches, grain, dirt, and noise???????????????

Off course I thought about that... but I did not really  feel the need.

It's my first fan edit and I wanted to make it nice looking first. Like a modern silent movie.

And frankly I did not not found good filters to do the thing!