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Read these two articles please...
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12-Feb-2004, 9:34 PM

Leave idiots account open. He maybe an idiot but we have to deal with people like him everywhere in the world.
Let him call us stupid, idiots, oldies etc. When I first read his first thread he really got me angry. See my reaction.
But now, having read three or four threads of him he makes me lough. This lack of knowledge. This arrogance and lordliness. This is great comedy.

And not to forget: If these (idiot b. and his kind of folk) are the people that defend the SE and deny that the OTs even existed, than this is a clear and strong argument for publishing the OTs on DVD.

@rebel scumb

Thanks for taking so much time to answer every idiotic phrase .... sorry every phrase of Idiot B.


A warm welcome on If you like, make us smile again.