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20-Sep-2008, 1:05 AM
adywan said:
doubleofive said:

So, Adywan, what has been your toughest shot to color correct so far? And maybe could you do another Photoshop file showing all the layers just in your color correction?

Well i've only just begun the second phase of the colour correction but i would have to say that dagobah has been the biggest challenge so far. trying to get yoda his correct colouring, or even somehwere close, has been a nightmare but i've finally got Yoda looking the way i want him to. It took many, many masks & layers to try to rebuild the colour . I think this shot alone shows just how bad the colour is with the 2004 transfer

oh , Hotrod, i've had a good look at the footage and i've discovered that it isn't a snowflake on Chewies foot. It's actually Wookie dandruff :)

Simply amazing - as always. This just brought an actual tear to my eye. Ady, can't wait to see the final result.