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'Bring Back... Star Wars' (UK TV - Channel Four Documentary) (Released)
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13-Sep-2008, 5:19 PM
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13-Sep-2008, 5:24 PM
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I remember hearing that Mark Hamill won't be on this show because they cannot pay his appearance fee.


Supposedly the dude behind the show wrote up on his blog about Mark being a has been actor and greedy.


I also read they want actors to go on the show for free.  LOl good luck in that.

Plus since this is unofficial without Lucas consent i think Mark wants to be remain in Uncle George's good graces by declining to appear unless paid a considerable fee.  Carrie on the other hand they probably won't have a hard time getting.  Harrison won't do it period unless he is piad three times what they would have paid hamill.

They will probably get dave prowse, jeremy bulloch, and peter mayhew, and kenny baker.

Star Wars to me is the trio of Mark, Harrison, and Carrie.  IF they cannot do that then this whole affair is pointless to me.  The only reunion picture i have seen is a fake photoshop job of all the actors shot seperately.

And if they bring any of the prequel actors consider me a million miles away from this crap.  Though i'm sure Hayden would not be hard to get since he'll be lucky to get another acting job in hollywood ever again after Revenge of the Sith and Jumper, and Attack of the Clones.  Natalie won't do it unless the money for it would go to charity probably, and Ewan probably won't want to do it just because he hates the prequels.  Sam Jackson whos Street Cred is absolutely destroyed would have no problem being on it.