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Read these two articles please...
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12-Feb-2004, 3:03 AM
It's a pity that even a german like me can better read and understand English than IDIOT BASHER does.
Especially his second link is a pro for the release of the Original versions.
And the guy who writes is is a gentleman, who says Lukas is doing things wrong but we have no right to hate him. That's right. Many people who have written their opinion on these sides don't hate Lukas. They are asking for a favour. If granted we are happy. If not we have to live with it. And have to get the bootlegs. But why hate Lukas?
OK. There will always be people who react like this, but they are a minority. If you don't believe me Idiot Basher, then read the pages of

The first link Idiot Basher presents is written by a man who defends GL. Please go on. Let this guy do it. There is no reason to hate Lukas. This guy is right. Where he isn't right is when he compares our intention, to get the OTs with telephones without wire and CD-players that do not sound like Grammophons. Sorry, but there is a big difference. If I like an old telephone with a wire, I can still buy it. I'm still buying vinyl records, because I like them more than CDs. And for good reasons more and more artists tend to release their new albums additionally on vinyl. That is because the record industry has realized something that Lukas has not yet understood: What the customers want creates the market.

And to come to and, IDIOT B. hating Mr. Lukas and publishing this has nothing to do with these sites. is a forum for the people who would like to see the Originals on DVD. Their petition may be hopeless but not stupid. What you call stupid is part of democracy. is also a forum for all Star Wars Fans, and a good one. It's a shame that people like you come here like a bad teacher and want to tell us what to do and what not to do. Tell us your opinion IDIOT BASHER, but do not act like the guys you want to bash.