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Gaffer Tape
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Jabba the Hutt Strategy
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6-Sep-2008, 9:57 AM
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Maybe so, but being able to hear those samples from The Empire Strikes Back's score certainly makes up for any of that.  It's hardly noteworthy today, but that was the first Star Wars game I played that actually sampled the soundtrack.  But, yeah, I loved SOTE as well, and, even though it's been a while since I've read it (and have a hard time remembering it), I don't really remember those weak points that everybody seems to mention.  I'd probably pick it up again right now if I wasn't in the process of reading the X-Wing books for the first time (just starting The Krytos Trap and loving this series, and I can't believe I waited until now to try it!).

Oh, yeah, and SilverWook pointed out something that I was going to say eventually.  That line always confused me, too.  I think we can all agree that 3PO was just hopelessly out of the loop for this entire plan, but would we be able to assume that Chewie had been there before?  If so, why wasn't he captured then, since there was a bounty on him?  But going back even further, if Jabba had a bounty out on Chewbacca as well, why didn't Boba Fett take Chewbacca when he took Han? 

But that line also reminds me of what someone here once said about the whole Jabba scenario, and why it seemed unlikely that he was stationed on Tatooine when The Empire Strikes Back was still the latest movie.  Lando's line is about "finding" Jabba.  If he was a well-known gangster with a palace on Tatooine, that shouldn't be too hard.  So there was some conjecture that Lucas only dumped him on Tatooine when he was writing Return.  Whatever thread that was went into more detail about why it wouldn't make that much sense for Jabba to be on Tatooine, but I guess that's not especially relevant to get into here.

Oh, and see you auntie, it's not that I have a problem that the plans failed.  After all, as I said earlier, if they hadn't failed, I see no way they would have successfully escaped.  My problem is is that I can't understand what their plans were trying to accomplish in the first place, because if any of them succeeded, then they'd be in a more difficult position than they were before.  But I do agree that having them show up in shifts, giving each character an introduction, was good from a dramatic standpoint... it just died a fiery death from a plausible narrative standpoint.