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It's official! the 2004 OT DVD release will be the Special Editions :(
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11-Feb-2004, 6:44 AM
Well as someone posted a while ago, is it any surprise they're doing this? Just the ‘97 Special Editions?

This worries me even more because now I'm more than positive that they're going to "double dip" the Episodes 4, 5, and 6 DVDs. So what does that mean for us fans? Shelling out $50-$70 dollars in September and then again whenever they decide to release the "super archive versions" and then even more money when and if they release the originals. That's a lot of money for one movie series especially when there is only one real version of it that anyone wants! So do we just put up with it and complain on forum boards and write emails? Yes! but we also start to get organized and start to complain even louder! The original films might not exist in Lucas's eyes but they do to people who won Oscars for those original special effects, they matter in the history of film, that's fine if Lucas wants to add more or take out whatever he wants because after all they are HIS films. However to destroy CLASSIC films to the point that even in a years time no one will ever be able to experience is just STUPID! So what we do is we go to the Best Buys, and Wal-Marts on September 21 and we protest outside the store or right next to the display of Star Wars DVDs telling people not to buy them and to wait since these versions are inferior. If we ALL stand together and get others to stand with us, enough to where it HURTS 20th Century Fox and Lucasfilm's pocket books then you better believe they'll take this 4 disc set off the store shelves, re-master the ORIGINAL TRILOGY and have it back in stores by Christmas of this year! (Which we've all waited this long so another few months wouldn't hurt) However if we all fail and these copies sell out in the first few weeks and get touted as the fastest selling trilogy ever then we're going to have to wait a RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrreally long time before we see the originals if at all. In fact if they do break any sell through records then you can pretty much bet the Originals will never see the light of day again.

Let's use this website to organize around the country to get people ready to go to any big places where DVDs are sold where they live and talk to customers as they reach to buy a Star Wars DVD and give them information that most normal consumers don't have. We can use the forums on this site to come up with a list of reasons and explanations to give to customers that will be quick and to the point and quickly convince them that it's not worth the money right now.

If we organize correctly now and Lucasfilm and more importantly 20th Century Fox see that across the country their going to potentially have hundreds (hopefully thousands) of "angry Star Wars fans" at major retailers around the country trying to get people NOT to buy the Star Wars DVDs they might start working on re-mastering the ORIGINALS now so that they can be released on September 21.

I work at a video store myself and I promise you that no one will be buying the Star Wars DVDs from where I work!