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27-Aug-2008, 6:45 PM

Nothing about the 1980 version of Empire Strikes Back sucked. It was a seminal moment in film history where everything came together in the end in complete narrative and aesthetic synergy. There are only a handful of films that can boast such perfection (e.g. Lawrence of Arabia) At the end of the day, were there a proper anamorphic DVD transfer of this original 1980 version, there would be no need for Adywan to even work on this film. As it is however, sadly, there is no proper DVD and hence Adywan must take a not-so-special edition and make it special so we can have something that is presentable on a modern home theater.

Whether you like the prequels or not, I believe it is very shortsighted to declare that simply because something is 28 years old means it must be updated and changed. At its very essence, Empire Strikes Back is THE ONE AND ONLY Star Wars film that did work seamlessly right out of the gate. The film was the product of a courageous script, brilliantly directed and produced with groundbreaking effort and convention-breaking choices.

Star Wars, while a narrative success certainly, suffered from the compromised budget that left many of its optical effects lagging far short of intentions (which Ady has now admirably corrected). Return of the Jedi was always only one-third the movie it was originally intended to be, and the special edition only complicated the matter. Phantom Menace was a racehorse that tripped out of the gate and limped around the track. Attack of the Clones was, aside from 10 minutes in the middle, an insipid intelligence-insulting love farce. Revenge of the Sith was, in many ways, the most troubled and negligent film of them all - the one without any excuses and yet even after almost six hours of time in previous films to tell the story of Anakin Skywalker, the creators waited until the last 20 minutes of Sith to finally get around to the essential story in a series of truncated scenes tacked on to the end in wipes while blatantly ignoring major sections of established continuity and throwing those to the wind.

The Empire Strikes Back is the only film without either fatal narrative flaws or compromising technical errors. It is "Star Wars" fully realized and the way it was originally intended, no matter what revisionist history you believe. So, if spaceship interiors a movie make, then have at it. For me, there's nothing wrong with the ship interiors, they look amazing - and probably because like every other single element of Empire Strikes Back, they all service the story and not the other way around.

Ady, my apologies for waxing poetic about this in your thread. Feel free to delete at your leisure if this offends you.