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Da Nao Tian Gong -- The Monkey King - Uproar In Heaven (1965) RESTORATION v2 (Released)
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17-Aug-2008, 8:21 AM
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17-Aug-2008, 8:24 AM
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This project was on hold hold for a few weeks, as I had a lead on a dvd of the full version. However, while it had a few more lines of resolution it also had various other problems making the quality same or worse than the xvid I've been using...

The editing is nearly done. I did my first full encode yesterday, and I think it looks pretty good. A drop in quality for both audio and video was always unavoidable, but I've done my best to blend the two sources. This is the best it's gonna get until someone does another transfer...

I've tried color correcting the best I could. But the '40th' dvd, while sharp, is so messed up... The color is all over the place, and in many scenes the color information is damaged or even missing.

In one of the final scenes for example, all the blue is basically missing and no amount of color correction can get it back. This scene also had severely crushed blacks, you basically couldn't see what was happening (it is naturally a very dark scene). I've had to replace this scene though I didn't really want to.

Many scenes are shifted towards green or another color, and it really is impossible to make it completely consistent, also because the color sometimes fluctuates a lot just in a single scene... But it should be a lot better.

The work that remains is
- syncing the other language audio tracks, which is tedious work, but at least the Danish one will be done.
- translating a few more lines for the subtitles.
- fixing about a billion bad frames... Well there sure are many. I think it is unfeasible for me to fix them all, but I'll try and do some more..
- final color pass, if needed

Anyone up for some quality control? Just one maybe two guys, preferable someone familiar with the original dvd for comparisons. PM me if you're interested.


I'm considering releasing the complete 'long' version I have as a bonus disc to this. It is framed/cropped differently and has rather different colors, and is a lot blurrier, but in a way it is more consistent with itself at least. What do you think?