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Hey, did you hear they came out with a DVD for that "Star Wars" movie last year?
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9-Aug-2008, 1:20 PM
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9-Aug-2008, 1:22 PM
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see you auntie said:

Lol, that's pretty badass.


see you auntie said:

Though I don't like the line "Unfortunately, the film did not resonate with the majority of audiences...." I can't imagine any company putting that on a product they intend to sell. Cult classic, glowing critical reviews and moderate box-office success would be more than enough. (even if the last part is untrue - hey it's called marketing)

I agree. That would probably never appear on an actual cover. I struggled with that line, but I couldn't come up with a more subtle way to say it. Any suggestions?

see you auntie said:

"Academey" award winner Mark Hamill gave me a big chuckle (and not for the spelling error).

@$#!+!! I proof-read that text at least 10 times. See, it's impossible to proof-read your own stuff. Fixed. (Do they make a spell checker plugin for Photoshop?)

see you auntie said:

A reference to George Lucas director of Apocalypse Now would add to the "what if" aspect of it, possibly even winning a best director Academy Award for it. And something about Star Wars being the follow-up to American Graffiti. Name dropping American Graffiti as a bigger hit than Star Wars is pretty interesting.

Yes, but I was pressed for space on the back and had to cut stuff down as it is. 

see you auntie said:

Sorry you didn't exactly ask for suggestions but your work has got my minding ticking. The best laugh I've had all day.

No problem. I'm open to any suggestions.

see you auntie said:

I'm enjoying imagining a world where Harrison Ford is only some what known for his small films "Witness" and "The Mosquito Coast" and nothing else, Spielberg directed a James Bond film and Mark Hamill is an academy award winner.

I had the same thought about Harrison, but I couldn't really work it in. The only thing I did to suggest this was to put Garrick Hagon in front of him in the commentary description. 

skyjedi2005 said:

Not to be a nitpicker but I believe his Name is Garrick Hagon.

@$#!+ again!! Thanks for pointing that out. Fixed.

C3PX said:

Alright Erik, I know you did it! I know you found a way to travel trans-dimensionally, and you fetched yourself a copy of this bad boy! You can stop playing like it is just a hypothetical game! Your a genius man! I had never thought of going through the trouble of inventing such a thing. It is so obvious now, for every way something happens there are an infinite number of ways it didn't happen, it stands to reason that there would be countless universes in which Star Wars totally blew. I know it is against forum rules to break trans-dimensional copyright laws by mailing out some DVD-Rs of this thing, so I am not going to ask that of you. So, please, can you send me a copy of blueprints for your trans-dimensional traveling vessel?

Sorry. You'll just have to settle for the cover ;) 

C3PX said:

One last question, have you had a chance to watch it yet? Are there any subtle differences between this version of the film and the version from our universe?

Aside from being the best presentation of the theatrical version I've ever seen, no, not really.

CO said:

As for Star Wars ending in 1977, this board wouldn't exist, and Star Wars would have a different type of fanbase, more along the lines of Wizard of Oz and Jaws fans.  More mainstream, more accepting to the general public...

Well, I was thinking that Star Wars would be received more like Tron, the Black Hole, the 1980 version of Flash Gordon, or Willow.

Thanks for the responses guys. So, is anyone other than me gonna print this out and agonize over it?