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Adywan's ESB edit: Suggestion Terminal
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29-Jul-2008, 3:52 PM

Here are some of the suggestions I have transferred from the ESB:R thread, and some new ones as well:

-Grey TIE fighters (similar to ANH)

-Reduce blue on Executor during reveal scene (such as in example

-New shots of Falcon and TIEs in the asteroids (similar to shots of Falcon and TIEs in ANH:R)

-New asteroids???

-Fix asteroid collisions/explosions in space (they collide, but shouldn't explode unless hit by a laser or there is some sort of hot gas inside them)

-Fix explosions on asteroids on shot where Star Destroyer blasts them with its lasers

-Shots of Luke's X-wing entering and exiting hyperspace (now that we've never seen before at all)

-Adding some of those hot-air balloon thingys and tibanna gas refineries to the initial far-away reveal of Cloud City with approaching Falcon

-Adding ship traffic (other than Millenium Falcon & Cloud Cars) to Cloud City

-Adding the missing Mon-Calamari class cruisers to the end scene (all I can see there are the bulky rebel transports, the medical frigate and some starfighters)

-Adding A-Wings, B-Wings and other small rebel ships to the end scene

-Adding more starfighters to the end scene

-New shot of Millenium Falcon approaching landing pad from behind? (possibly to replace the CGI shots where the Falcon looks sorta 'flat')

-Improvising the sunrise-from-space effects when you see the Falcon leaving Bespin being chased by TIEs

-Tauntauns running faster (possibly to reduce the stop-motion effect)