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Dragonball Z
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25-Jul-2008, 9:57 PM

Someone on an anime newsgroup I go to hated Strike Witches for that exact reason.  Personally I've never seen it and don't really want to.

I don't think the issue is that "anime today sucks," but rather the gears have shifted.  When I first got into anime, we tended to get OVAs (direct-to-video anime), movies, and only short-run TV series (like Louie the Rune Soldier--26 episodes), unless we got them edited up the wazoo like DBZ and Sailor Moon.

Nowadays, we're getting more of the hyper-long TV series, like Bleach (still getting new eps in Japan), Inu-Yasha (160+ episodes, currently ended but there's talks that the series might restart to account for the newer manga), the rest of Dragonball (531 episodes altogether), Yuyu Hakusho (108 eps), Yu-Gi-Oh (224 eps and still getting sequels), Pokemon (still getting new eps) etc.

Personally I like that stuff, but I can see how it gets boring, since its drawn out and often quite repetitive.  I tend to try and not get caught up in it, since I don't have the shelf space and would rather have hundreds of short-run shows instead of five long-running ones.  My taste in anime tends to skew more towards the short-run and direct-to-video stuff I mentioned earlier, which I recommend checking out.  Try some ofthese, all of which are available on DVD in R1:

-Iria:  Zeiram the Animation (six episodes)

-Slayers (24 episodes a season, of which there are only three.  Each season is self-contained, as are most of the episodes.)

-Gall Force: Eternal Story (single movie, though it did have sequels.  I haven't seen the sequels so I don't know if they're worth it)

-Macross (36 episodes)

-Genesis Climber Mospeada (25? episodes)

-Crying Freeman (I think it only had six episodes)

-3x3 Eyes (seven episodes)

-Doomed Megalopolis (four episodes).

...And I think I'm done recommending things for now.