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13-Jul-2008, 10:28 AM
Darth Stewie said:

nohandluke said:

The guy on the bottom ISN'T Ratzenberger - John's the guy in the top photos who tell's Leia the shield doors must be closed. He's also the same guy in that behind the scenes photo with the X-Wing and pilot BECAUSE he's ALSO the guy who says, "OK, Everybody to your stations! LET'S GO!" And yes, he's also that guy in the close-up head shot posted. He has the mustache. The other guy doesn't, hence the other guy isn't Ratzenberger.


Oh and Ady - While we're on famous ESB debates - Will you be coloring Han's winter coat BLUE or BROWN? Yes, there's a debate as to what color it was...Which is why Hasbro made two different versions of the same figure a few years ago...



Yeah mate, I answered those questions myself in the post above. The other guy DOES have a light colored mustache and he actually SOUNDS like John. When Derlin says, "Okay, everybody to your stations...Let's go!" SOUNDS like John too. BUT when he says "Your highness, there's nothing more we can do tonight. The shield doors must be closed" seems like it must have been dubbed. That doesn't sound like John at all.

I corrected myself so I don't need correcting again thanks.

Stewie - for the love of God - I wasn't correcting you. I was throwing in my opinion like we all do around here. Spend some time today chiseling that massive chip off your shoulder, will you?