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4-Jul-2008, 12:37 AM
adywan said:

Darth Stewie said:

Well, its a nice splice and since you want to go back to the original dialogue I guess it will have to do. Personally, I never liked the whole scene since it creates more questions than it answers, especially with the old dialogue. I still think you should reconsider other avenues but it seems you've made up your mind. There ARE ways to make it fit into the entire story and still make it make sense. The whole debate is a which came first "vader's knowledge or the Emperor's knowledge" of Luke's existence and heritage and who's telling who what. Keeping the lines the way they were makes it that both know of his existence and the Emperor is just now realizing Luke as a threat so he elevates the threat from yellow to red. The way Clive Reville said it, it seemed that he was expecting Vader's answer and was pleased with his response. Now, with Ian's delivery "Yes. Yes." sounds like he just got some great idea from Vader. I don't buy it. No matter how much we like Vader's character, he is still a puppet on a string. He is scheming behind Palpy's back, but he is still his bitch. Hell, even Tarkin slapped him around.

I agree with most things so far on this edit of yours but my two cents are that this is a mistake. The lines shouldn't stay as they are originally or 2004 DVD's. They should be reworked along the lines of MusicMan's idea. It never made sense, and in 2004 it was a poor attempt to make it do so.

I vote no.


The whole scene was pretty clear to me, even as a 10 year old when it first came out, and to hell of a lot of other people. Even with Reville's delivery of "Yes..yes" (and Ian only says it once now, not twice) it was clear that Vader had just given him the idea of turning Luke to the dark side instead of just destroying him. They BOTH know about Lukes existence. Word would have reached far and wide in the galaxy about the person who destroyed the Death Star so the Emperor would have definitely have known his name. Vader is using the search for the rebellion as an excuse to find his son. He wants him to turn to the dark side and overthrow the Emperor and become the master (just see the end of the movie for proof of that). That's why he gives the Emperor the idea of turning him instead. The Emperor wouldn't have thought Luke a major threat and deemed him unimportant because there were no Jedi's (as far as he knew) that would be able to teach Luke after Obi-Wan died, so his powers would not be able to grow beyond what they were already. But Luke has now gone to Dagobah and met Yoda, which causes a tremor in the force. "We have a new enemy" = a new Jedi. He now knows he can be a threat. The original dialogue NEVER needed to be changed and certainly not to the horrible writing of the new version. The dialogue sticks out like a sore thumb compared to the writing of the rest of the movie. And the lines are back to how they were originally (apart from substituting "Luke Skywalker" for "Young Skywalker" due to having no usable audio of Ian saying "Luke")


EXACTLY!!!!! Just as I too have always understood it! As with SW:R, I can rest easy knowing Empire is in excellent hands!