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28-Jun-2008, 3:50 PM
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Kurgan said:

vbangle said:

Kurgan said:

But if we put the TIEs from ANHR and the TIEs from ESBR side by side, the ESBR one is going to look more blue, right (and same if we put an ESBR TIE in front of a Star Destroyer hull or other gray surface)?


No LESS blue than this...?


It's appearing that shade of blue because of the flash overexposed it.


So Adywan has picked a shade at random and is sticking to it? Whatever the real color of the original models, the intention in 1980 was to make them blue, it just wasn't a consistent shade of blue (after taking account for shadows and so forth). I just think it would be dull and annoying to turn them gray like ANH again.

I have not just picked a shade at random at all. I'm pretty sure ILM did when they first did ESB. I have checked every shot of TIEs in both ESB & ROTJ and the colouring is all over the place and it has nothing to do with shadowing or lighting, as i have mentioned before. I could have easily have just gone with grey for continuity but that was not the original colour of the model and how they were to be depicted in ESB & ROTJ. But with the ever changing colour a decision had to be made and i have gone with a balance that will still bring colour to them. the original models were painted "stormy sea blue" . The coloour si now discontinued and the toys are just a rough estimation so you can't go by the colour of them