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Idea: Escape From L.A. - fan edit...
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14-Jun-2008, 11:18 AM
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11-Jul-2020, 4:30 PM
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I recently rewatched Escape From L.A. and it is not nearly as good as I remember it. In fact, its quite horrible in a few places. But much of that has to do with the film being rushed. There was only 9 weeks between the time they completed the film and when it was put in theaters. That is a very short post-production time. So I was thinking, if not myself, then someone with very good 3d skills might be able to add some new elements to the film to make it tighter. I would mostly cut out a lot of the dialogue that seemed too cartoonish for a Snake Plissken movie. I might change the color a bit also and definitely the music (save for one or two songs). Heres a tracklist I came up with (rough) that I think would fit with the film.
1. Escape From New York Main Theme
2. Rusty Cage – Soundgarden
3. Sweat —Tool
4. Professional Widow --Tori Amos
5. Sleep Now In The Fire----Rage Against The Machine
6. Brain of J— Pearl Jam
7. Cult of Personality --Living Colour
8. Three Days—Janes Addiction
9. Calm Like a Bomb----Rage Against The Machine
10. The Outsider --A Perfect Circle
11. New Skin—Incubus
12. The Cowboy Song— Faith No More
13. Fell On Black Days— Soundgarden
14. H–TOOL

I would mix the soundtrack so that the music doesn’t drown out the action. Of course, theres a few things that I can’t change, like the basketball court scene. But, that scene is pretty funny so what the hell. Bottom line, I want to change the film so its more in line with Escape from New York (as far as plot is concerned, it already is). Any help would be greatly appreciated.