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A Long Time Ago... - Share Your Star Wars Story
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25-Apr-2008, 5:44 PM
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I had avoided Star Wars for years, until I was 15 in 1997, and even then I still had missed out on the SE theatrical releases.

Near the end of August, I had broken my arm pretty badly (It ended up having to be set, which hurt just as much as breaking it in the first place) and for the first few days, I was advised to stay off my feet and keep the arm elevated, so, there was basically nothing to do but watch movies.

I had avoided anything starting with "Star" in it for years. but one of these nights, we all sat down to watch "Star TREK: generations" and that actually led me to give star wars a try, since I enjoyed it well enough.

More or less, I put the first movie in the same league more or less as star trek, then came ESB, with "No, I Am Your Father" (yes, I was one of the lucky few late comers to still be completely surprised by that revelation)

and so My star wars fandom began, although it basically went into hibernation until I was out of high school hell, and didn't really kick back in until the DVDs were announced, only to go back into the closet (this time literally) when george pasted Hayden Christensen's evil leer at the end of RotJ.

in sept 2006, my fandom came back and is still going.

this picture more or less sums up my perfect star wars viewing experiance: