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Waterworld ABC Cut? A ton of info - see McFly's posts for details (Released)
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25-Apr-2008, 3:50 PM
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25-Apr-2008, 3:53 PM
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Something I wanted to point out...

Jaiman, you're kinda bashing your own cap for its perceived lack of detail, but in reality, it has at least as much detail as the average cap, and probably more. When you look at the averagecap, see the black noise on the picture? That's a result of attempts at sharpening a blurry image. Introducing the black noise makes it appear as if the image is actually sharper, when in reality, no new information is actually introduced (obviously, as you can't replace what isn't there). In the image with the universal logo, look at the VHS cap. See how the letter "U" has a fairly pronounced outline? The image has had edge enhancement.

Now, I'm not knocking the job that Mcfly has done. He's done a damn good job at shining a turd. It's not easy, but he's done it. It looks pretty good. I just want you to realize that you've done all right. :)

BTW, you said the running time is 171 minutes. Does that include the credits, or no? I'm wondering because IMDB lists a runtime of 176 minutes for the extended version, but that probably includes the credits.

I've included a couple comparisons below to show the effect that sharpening can have on an image. The first image is your Encore cap, and the second is a sharpened version.

So give yourself some credit. :) BTW, are we going to get a widescreen version of the extended edition? As far as I recall, we've only gotten a fullscreen one, due to the limitations of the sources...or was the old school Encore release widescreen? I can't recall.