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Darth Solo
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Star Wars DVD Covers
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18-Apr-2008, 7:20 PM
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18-Apr-2008, 8:12 PM
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Darth Solo
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ben_danger said:

is there a link for those manga covers?

There will be, yes, there will be. Tweeking as i post - just wishing i wasnt working with a low rez source file for these.

GhostAlpha26 - cant help you with the request, sorry. But that Star Destroyer is probably the envy of every fan here, that doesnt look like a kit but more like a personal project of some sort (not like id know though, its just like the command centre looks like its waiting to be carved or somthing, am i right?). Just how big is that?

And PaulisDead2221, if my work grabs your attention in any way, then as ive said before, i am honoured.