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Further proof GL has lost his mind... Clone Wars
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12-Apr-2008, 12:35 AM
I could have been clearer, I suppose, and will admit that I'm not terribly current when it comes to games. On reflection, what I was trying to get at is the contrast between "The Force Unleashed" and something like "Dark Forces". The development of Force powers in this type of Star Wars game (either first person, or third) tracks very closely with the technological advancements in gaming.

In the original Dark Forces, the player isn't a Force user, so it's all running/shooting/solving puzzles. As that series progressed over the years, Force powers became more central to the game and story.

Now, with "The Force Unleashed", the Force powers are not only center-stage, but are exaggerated beyond anything seen before, even in the PT. I'm not saying that the story won't be compelling, but I think it's telling that the video that was released on the day that the game's release date was announced focuses overwhelmingly on how POWERFUL the player will feel, along with lots of video of the massively destructive powers the player will have.

I just think it's interesting that, much as with the Star Wars movies, the focus of the story shifts as the technology available to the creative team grows in capability. This also ties in with Zombie84's comment about "not being a Star Wars fan any more" because the feel of what is now considered "Star Wars" is so different from what we loved about the early days of the OT. I happen to agree very strongly with that viewpoint, and I have some additional thoughts on that, but need to chew on them a bit more before posting.