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Live-Action Akira Confirmed Already for 2009!
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27-Feb-2008, 2:23 PM
Originally posted by: C3PX
Yes! This is shaping up to be a pretty decent little cast of characters. Do we have anyothers? I think I shall be Cautious Carl and not say anything about this film. I have never seen the original anime (or any other anime film for that matter), seems like a lot of people have though. Perhaps I should consider the possibility of maybe considering giving this a rent sometime. The question is, is it that good of a film that somebody who is not into anime (it is not that I have anything against anime, it has just never struck me as anything interesting. Most of what I have seen on TV while channel surfing has always seemed pretty teeny bopper) might enjoy it? Anime like this are considered mature films for adults in Japan, right? (I don't mean "mature" or "adult" in the pornographic sense, but in the sense that it might not be odd to see people over the age of 25 buying tickets to see it) Perhaps I should broaden my horizons and watch a few of these kinds of films.

I'll be Informative Ike for a moment and break down anime for you.

It sucks.

There's some good stuff out there, yes, and even some stuff that is bad, but is bad on purpose, so is good (Ping Pong Club springs to mind). But most of it is pure crap. If you want good anime, look to Akira, Ghost in the Shell (the movie, the series just isn't working for me), Grave of the Fireflies, The Wings of Honneamise and things like that. The trick is to watch good anime as a good movie, not as anime. That's the thing, good movies are good movies regardless of where they are from or how they are presented.