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Jedi Dark Knight
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26-Feb-2008, 4:01 PM
Originally posted by: adywan

As for the vane it is a bit of a design flaw. I think that Luke was supposed to have reached there through the long tunnel but they put the support pole in the wrong position on the matte which caused confusion. A small tweak to the matte should be able to fix this.

The OT is full of design flaws, just look at the Falcon and you'll see what I mean, the door doesn't add up, besides it has 2 boarding docking doors at each side which are never used, and the Tantive IV is another example...but we have learned to live with it

I have some plans to fix this error in the PT and not have OBi-Wan as Qui-Gon's padawan but instead have Yopa call Obi-Wan his padawan in some instances in TPM or maybe just omit the whole padawan thing with Obi-Wan altogether

Wow, I never thought someone else though about that, I always thought that Obi-Wan should have been a knight/master at the start of TPM and Qui-Gon either be a friend he went to Naboo with or ran into at the temple and make the story of Obi-wan in the PT flow more accurately with what he says in RoTJ: "when I first knew him he was already a great pilot.....I took it upon myself to train him as a Jedi" if we picture this line disregarding the PT, it would appear that Obi-wan met a young hot-shot pilot (18 or 20 years old) in one of his adventures and and was impressed with Anakin's ability and Force attunement, and he "took it upon himself" to train him disregarding what Yoda said, which in turn makes him more like Qui-Gon in certain ways. If we follow this train of thought the rebelious "hot shot" attitude of *that* Anakin would make him more suitable to the phrase "Vader was seduced by the dark side" as in Anakin would exhibit rebelious and adventure-seeking behavior and be seduced by the promise of more power. This scenario makes it difficult for Padme to appear as well as other things in the current PT, but makes the whole saga flow as a whole, without white lies and racionalizations.

Anyway, sorry for being sidetracked, Adywan I dunno the full extent of the changes you are trying to improve on TPM, and how hard would they be...I can only take EP4 as a proof that you could do them without problem, best of luck.