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Jedi Dark Knight
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26-Feb-2008, 12:22 PM
Originally posted by: C3PX
Originally posted by: Erikstormtrooper
I'm gonna have to stick with Chrille on this one. As a bonafide grammar Nazi, I think changing it to "a Jedi Master" is preferable, if it can be done.

Also, you would think that if anyone were to be considered "THE Jedi master who instructed" Obi-Wan, it would be Qui-gon, since he was Obi-Wan's master. Yoda was more of a Jedi kindergarden teacher. The whole Yoda teaches the youngling thing really felt like it was a "quick fix" to the problem of "oh, crap, I totally forgot that Yoda was suppose to be Obi-Wan's master. Hmm, what it the best way to resolove that... these fans are a lot smarter than I thought... ah, I got it!" (don't think it is possible for George to forget such an important detail? What about when they had to go back and film a scene of Obi-Wan picking up Anakin's lightsaber because "they kinda forgot he gave it to Luke in A New Hope", that was a pretty important detail they managed to forget. How about Leia remembering her mother? I think it is pretty safe to say George didn't bother rewatching the Star Wars trilogy before setting out to write the PT).

You expose some very valid points there C3PX, and in light of that reasoning, indeed George went for a couple of quick fixes in Ep3 to avoid more continuity problems, in the end EP3 was the movie to supposedly end all continuity problems, I remember hearing/reading that the movie was for the fans because of this. I could go either way on this, if Adywan has enough time and is not too much I guess it could be fixed. I would rather be more interested in more AT-AT's, the window stormtrooper fix and the Emperor's holo-conversation part....hehe