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Fall to the Dark Side?
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20-Feb-2008, 12:15 PM
Originally posted by: C3PX
That is a much slower turn, with much more convincing motives. I don't think Anakin should have known about Padme being pregnant. Neither should the audience. Padme goes off to live on Alderan, fearing that if her husband should ever find her he will kill her. There she discovers she is pregnant, and Obi-Wan decides that it is better that not all three of them should be in the same place in the event that they are found, Padme reluctantly hands her son off to Obi-Wan so he can hid him and raise him to be a Jedi. This part doesn't have to happen on screen, it is implied well enough in the first movie. If we had Padme still living at the end of episode three, what more is there to explain in episodes four, five, and six. It becomes obvious Anakin is the father of them and easy enough for us to put two and two together and figure out that she was pregnant when she left him. Obi-Wan clearly explains the separation of the twins and the hiding of Luke. Leia remembered her real mother, so it would all make a lot more sense. We don't even have to have Anakin hunting down and killing all of the Jedi in episode three. It would be a lot better if we knew that was what Palpatine intended for him to do and see him start to do it. Then when episode four comes along we see, ah, Obi-Wan made it! Then when episode five rolls along and we hear Obi-Wan mention meeting Yoda we will realize he survived the purge as well.

I'm with you up till the end. 1) I think the scene of Obi-Wan passing off Luke to Owen Lars is one of the better moments of the sequel. 2) I think some explanation would have to be given about Yoda in the PT. Otherwise, it should come as a surprise not just to us but to Obi-Wan that Yoda is alive.

Otherwise, a hearty thumbs-up for this.