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How much longer will the format war last?
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17-Feb-2008, 4:39 PM
I'm trying to decide what I should do. I have the Xbox 360 add-on and about 12 HD-DVDs (I also have a blu-ray player). I'm considering buying another stand aloneHD-DVD player for roughly $100, because:

1) I can't stand the Xbox one and it is too damn loud

2) I have $200 invested in HD-DVDs that probably either aren't or won't be worth much

3) Who knows when these particular movies will be out on blu-ray (Could be years).

So should I try to sell the Xbox 360 add-on and a couple movies and get the regular HD-DVD player? Should I just get rid of all of them and wait for them to be on Blu-ray? Any suggestions?

Also, another thing I've been seeing on the web (digitalbits maybe?) that Toshiba is reneging on the 5 free movie thing, which was to be part of my plan.