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Untitled Bruce Campbell Project (* unfinished project - a ton of info & ideas *)
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16-Feb-2008, 1:51 PM
Yeh, Bill Piper got a dub of the tape from the guy I'm tracking down - he encoded everything (bar one short which had very poor video to the point of it being just audio) to VCD quality way back in maybe 2000 or 2001. He then redid Within The Woods to SVCD, and then again to DVD later - I never got round to getting the DVD copy from him. Last contact I had with him he mentioned not having the tape he used any more. This is why I'd like to track down the guy who made a dub for Bill - a copy of his tape using better gear than Bill used today, remastered by someone with the skills, would look better than the old VCD shorts, DVD WITW, and would include the short in such bad shape Bill didn't bother capturing it.