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Official: 'THE CLONE WARS' movie in Theaters 8/15/08
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14-Feb-2008, 9:57 AM
Originally posted by: CO
This has nothing to do with my angst towards Lucas and his treatment of the OOT, but I really am not interested in this new Clone War Cartoon/Movie coming out. Is there anything really interesting about this, since it is in a sense another prequel where we know what happens in the end? The one hook Lucas had on the fans with the PT was how Darth Vader came to be, that was what sold the PT, and made many fans who hated Episode I & II go back for Episode III. Sorry George, not interested.

I concur. I'd be much more interested in the live-action TV series (set between ROTS and SW) as a movie, but of course that's still in pre-production. Of course, if the theatrical release of the animated series is successful, then I suppose a theatrical premiere of that series is more likely.

I'm not sure Harrison Ford wouldn't come back to do voice-overs for a post-ROTJ series. He's doing Indy IV (I refuse to say its lame name), isn't he?