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There Will Be Blood...
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9-Feb-2008, 1:35 AM

So, what was up with Eli/Paul? Any ideas?

One of my favorite parts was when Eli went to visit Daniel near the end and is trying to wake him up. He tries several different ways to wake him - all unsuccessful. Finally he screams, "Your house is on fire!" but still, Daniel sleeps on, snoring heavily. Eli leans close and says, "Daniel, it's Eli." The snoring stops.

Did anyone else find it interesting that Daniel had zero relationships with women and never was found sleeping in a bed? He was always "camped out," even indoors.

Any interpretations of the final line?

Also, who else thought that as dark and serious as this was, there were also some hilarious parts?

Finally, was I the only one to see some Kubrickian echoes in (at least) the beginning and end of this movie?