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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Thread
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4-Feb-2008, 2:29 AM
I actually have some issues with the series, especially episode 2.

1) Enrique Salceda. The way he is portrayed right now doesn't fit at all with the character shown in T2. Now he suddenly lives in a nice house, he is retired, and he sells out Sarah to the cops. Are we still talking about the same Enrique who helped Sarah when she was pregnant with John? When she needed guns and training? When they were comrades? This is a complete 180 degrees turn with the characters. Now he is a rat and works together with the police authorities, selling out sarah to them? Enrique was always someone who live and die in freedom. He would never betray his friends and comrades. He would spit on the police, not help them. For me, this character potrayal was completey wrong. I dislike it.

2) Terminators in our time. So Cameron explains there are more Terminators in our present world. Like spiders in internet. Cameron says that they don't know John Connor. If they would find out what he looked like, they would come after him. But they don't know what he looked like. Euh, major problem here: John's uses a search engine and the FIRST HIT displays a picture of him of the bank "robbery". So I don't know if these Terminators are still using the good old paper phonebook, but assuming they know about the internet, I would say they would use that and find a picture of him and thus know what he looks like and start the hunt... a major plothole in my opinion.

3) What I find weird is the body of the Endoskeleton has just been dumped on metal dump, and after 7 years still hasn't been reduced to a package of metal. Also, if they would find such an advanced piece of robotics in a bank vault, why they did dump it? I mean, the T1 deleted scene in the factory shows that companies are really interested in this kind of left-overs So I'm really questioning why it was dumped and why it was not reduced already...

4) About Sarah and her desease, for me this hints to the T3 timeline. So logical thinking, may I assume that Cameron Philips is actually from the T3 timeline? Sarah died in the T3 timeline and Cameron knows about it. So would the next logical thought be that Cameron has been send from the period after T3, meaning she comes from the T3 timeline?

5) Why did the evil Terminator scan Cameron so late and not immediately when they started fighting? Also trying to escape her sounds a bit weak, but perhaps it's their programming as "spiders". Collect data and stay alive so the future Skynet can receive it. Also, why didn't Cameron notice this Terminator between the dead humans?

6) How could the Terminator head travel through time when it's not wrapped in flesh?

I'm still not sure what to think about the idea of the Endoskeleton functioning without the head attached it. I know that these T-888's are triple-core (3 CPU's), and they will have some upgrades etc. Still I think I will have to get used to that idea.

Nice hint though to the T2 deleted scene of hiding something behind a poster. I would have expected a Terminator to find that really quickly with its scanning, especially if these T-888's have various forms of scanning as shown with Cromartie.