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How do u all like Eps I & II compare to OT
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26-Jan-2004, 4:30 AM

Originally posted by: HotRod

And as for James Bond nrg I totally agree.

I used to love the old Bond films, but especially Roger Moore'. He was the Bond that I grew up with.
I mean man, The spy who loved me was out the same year as Star Wars..
I think that year was the year that I fell in love with Cinema.
Ever sinse then I just love watching films!!!
And I do have a life.............And great sex.................with my girlfriend!

But with the new Bond films, and When I say new Bond films I mean the last 4.
It seems that all they do is think of a great stunt. Whatever it is, either jumping out of a building, or drive a fucking BOAT through the streets of London.
Seriously, someone tell me. How the fuck could he stear that boat around corners an' shit.
It's a fucking boat for Christs sake.

Point is it seems that all they do is think of great stunts and try to make a story out of and around it!!!

And for JB.

For me “The Spy who loved me” was one of my first cinema experiences beside films like Godzilla, Tarzan and old german films that were shown regularily in special performances for school kids.

I loved this film. In the following years I watched all bond movies on the big screen. My favorite bond was Sean. But I also liked the other ones (I only had problems with “Licence to kill” for the total lack of humour in this movie. I even liked Brosnan in Golden eye but this was the beginning of the end. More FX, more stunts, less story, less character and (what I find worst) worse villains. Bonds ex-colleague in Golden Eye and the sowjet general ended the long line of prime villains. Famke Jannsen, the chick with the killer legs in golden eye ended the long line of impressive henchmen. Sorry, I can’t remeber any of the villains from the following films. They were all more or less replaceable. Nothing special about them.

The death of James Bond was the last film. James Bond always had cool gimmicks. In most cases they were at least imaginable to be based on something true, some new technique etc. But a car that can get invisible. And this after such a fulminant starting sequence at the korean border that made me hope for a good JB-movie. Gosh. I nearly vomitted.