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How do u all like Eps I & II compare to OT
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26-Jan-2004, 4:11 AM

Originally posted by: HotRod
Also nrg...

Mr Lucas has looked at the original designs of the spaceships from the OT, to help him design the new ep3 ships.
If it wasn't George doing this, then it was someone pretty high up in the Lucasfilm ladder! They are really gonna tie the PT and the OT with this film.
I'm just afraid that it's gonna be like TPM. As in, getting so exicted I nearly wet myself at seeing the trailer on UK TV for he first time, only to be so fucking dissapointed at seeinf the final result.
Repeat viewings didn't help much.
It was only till I got TPM on Video that I started to quit like it.
There was nothing like buying it on its fisrt day of release getting home and rolling a big fat joint. Then settling down to wacth the first new Star Wars film in years!!

I really started liking TPM, and the last 45mins were trully amazing!

AS for AOTC, you see I wasn't now expecting a sequel/prequel to the OT. No, I was expecting a sequel to TPM. I knew what to expect in terms of special effects and the way it was all filmed an' shit!

As with AOTC, for TPM me and a few of my mates all took the day off work just to go and see the films on there first showing.
Half expecting the queus to be massive, But only to find that us and a few of the super nerd squad were watching the films.

So much better having an empty cinema, than to have a place full of popcrn eating, sweet unwrapping noisey bunch of twats.

So yeah I liked AOTC alot more coming out of the cinema than I did TPM.
Man, after wacthing TPM for the first time I was so gutted.
Really, once we left the cinema we all went straight to our local pup. There it turns out that alot more people I know also took the day off to go and watch it. Actually, now I think about it, we met outside the cinema by chance. Then all sat together watching it!!
And I could tell after the first scene with dialog, that I wasn't ging to like it very much, and be very,very dissapointed.
Which I was
So I sat in the pub feeling so pissed off.
So pissed off!!

Come on admit it! How many of you were a little dissapointed the first time you saw TPM????

When TPM started in the USA for us in Germany it was still a few weeks to wait til the film sould start in our country. By chance I had to go for a four weeks visit to Cold Spring Harbour near New York right at this time. When I reached NY the first thing I did was buying a ticket for TPM. I sat in the movie and was so excited. I still believed all the bad rumours about the movie that had already reached germany wouldn’t be true. But I was wrong.
I didn’t like the child hero that blasted a space station. I didn’t like jar-jar. I didn’t like the flying guy anakin had to work for and I didn’t like the much to long pod-race. (It has been done much better and more tensious with less FX in Ben Hur.) And I didn’t like the Princess Amidala-doppelganger story. This was unnecessary rubbish.
There were three things I liked: Liam Neeson as the wise jedi. Darth Maul as the villain. The Space ships. As we all know, two of these good things did leave the stage at the end of the film. What kind of waste!!!
After the film I felt tired an disillusioned. I didn’t watch the film a second time and I have seen the classic films more than 15 times on the big screen and many more times on the tv screen. I didn’t buy the DVD and I think I will never do.

When ROTC started I was not enthusastic about the prequels any more. I went to the cinema and watched it. It was ok, not good but ok. Like many other films. I didn’t like the love scenes. I didn’t like the arena scenes (Too much CGI. And far to many Jedis needed to solve such a small conflict!!) I liked the sandpeople scenes. But the Wrath of Anakin was not well performed by Hayden and then forgotten for the rest of the film. I liked Chris Lee as the villain but I hated Yoda, Yoda the wise, jumping around like a rubber ball. (This scene did kill the movie at last.)

It took me years to understand what Lukas wants. He didn’t do these films for the old fans. He did them mainly for new fans. The kids of a friend of mine, they are more than enthusiastic about these movies. They really love them. But they are 5 and 7 years old. I can not imagine them having any more enthusiastic feelings for these films when they are grown up.