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Just Released: The Star Wars Holiday Special RiffTrax!
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12-Dec-2007, 4:48 AM
Originally posted by: C3PX
Originally posted by: scallenger

Also... anyone plan on making a Special DVD of this with the Rifftrax, using a good source of the WMAR broadcast with commercials, and possibly some other extras?

That would be great actually. I even thought about doing that, nothing fancy, just a basic DVD with a static menu, but this thing doesn't fall under preservation or anything like that. I think everyone who wants to own this ought to be paying the RiffTrax guys the 4 bucks for this. They own the copyright to their riff.

I think a way to see if whoever wants a cool DVD of this made by someone else would be to prove that they have the Riff. How? I would have it so they show the Readme document included with the Riff, and have them show you a select minute from the Riff file (which can easily be done with an audio editor/cropper).

I would love to have this on DVD with the Riff in it. I however do not posses the tools to do this (or a DVD burner). So I have a downloaded RiffTrax file and it just sits there. lol. Unlike the other RiffTrack files (which can be auto-synced with the official DVDs using a RiffTrax Player) this one has no DVD to use, etc.