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22-Nov-2007, 2:31 AM
Originally posted by: Mitch
I am excited about this project. Been waiting for a T-3D project to role along for some time now.

If you could explain how you will show the ride feature - that would be great

Right now, I haven't worked on the project for about 2 weeks, simply because I'm really demotivated. The first disc is as good as finished. Only need some font replacement plus compiling. The issue is that the compiling proces gives me an "Out of memory" error message, which turns out to be something that the programmers did not manage to fix in all versions and they can't provide me with a good working solution. If I delete 4 random VTS section, then the program allows it to be compiled. However, I don't want to lose 4 complete VTS sections.

The ride feature on the DVD is based on the Universal Studios Florida version of T23D.
You first have a 3 minutes walk on the Hollwood Boulevard. You come across the T23D shop Cyber Image and then walk to the Cyberdyne T23D building. Then you have a short clip in which you walk in the queue area. You enter the Miles Bennet Dyson Auditorium room (pre-show part) and you can choose out of 3 options where you will stand in the room (front, center, back). After this you will go to the Cyberdyne Presentation/Demonstration Center for the classified preview. Here you can again choose out of 3 situations (front, center, back) which depends on how you watch the show and at what time you enter the area.

That's the basic idea. Don't expect DVD quality with this featurette. As I call it, it's "The complete live experience!" :-)

Now I only need a way to work around that freakin' error.