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Info: MacAddict interview with Matthew Wood of Skywalker Sound
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18-Nov-2007, 9:34 PM
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I was going through my CD’s recently and came across an interview from the disc included with the August 2002 issue of MacAddict magazine. It has an exclusive interview with Matthew Wood of Skywalker Sound, discussing how Macs were used to create the soundtrack for AOTC and TPM. Somewhat technical interview but some interesting behind-the-scenes discussion and footage of the Skywalker facility.

Here’s a summary from the text file that came with it:

Skywalker Sounds

An Exclusive Interview with Star Wars: Episode II’s Supervising Sound Editor, Matthew Wood

By now, you’ve no doubt seen one of this summer’s biggest blockbusters—Star Wars: Episode II—and marveled at the awesome scenery, digital effects wizardry, and computer-generated characters that proliferated throughout the saga. But this spectacular eye candy would be nothing if it weren’t for the amazing sounds that accompanied them. And those sounds wouldn’t even be there if it weren’t for the Mac.

In this month’s video, we got the opportunity to set foot on George Lucas’s legendary Skywalker Ranch, and talk with Skywalker Sound’s Matthew Wood (the supervising sound editor for Episode II) about how Macs played a key role in creating all aspects of the movie’s soundtrack. Find out how Wood snagged his enviable position with the help of his Mac, how Wood and Episode II’s sound designer, Ben Burtt, created the sound effects, see Wood’s revolutionary portable ADR (automated dialog replacement) rig, get a peek inside of Skywalker Sound’s facilities, and even hear a bit of Episode II in Spanish. If you’re curious about how the dialog, foley, music, sound effects, and ADR were incorporated into the final 5.1 THX master mix, Wood tells all.

(You need QuickTime 5 or later to watch this video.)

Did a search for this and I don’t think this has been preserved or included in any fan documentaries-- if it has then please feel free to correct me. If there’s any interest I can zip it up and post it somewhere, it’s 22:18 and 93MB