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DVD Lab Pro 2 - Out Of Memory error with compiling
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Date created
27-Oct-2007, 12:49 PM
My computer:
Windows XP Home (servicepack 2 installed)
Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.40 GHz
1.5GB RAM Memory
250 gb hard disc

DVD Lab Pro 2.00 (PR8) (Compiler ver. settings:

2 VMG Menus, linking to 10 VTS Roots.
Fullscreen 4:3, NTSC 720 x 480.

This is the overview per VTS. I have made sure that every VTS section has at least 1 video (mandotory). However, the VTS section with movie "Black" don't link to this file, it's just there because I didn't have a movie to link to in that VTS.

NOte: with the start, it is linked that it first plays the teaser video from VTS01 and then goes to the VMG main menu.

One might wonder why I have so many menus. This is because a lot of menus have just a cpi with two buttons Previous (pic) and Next (pic). This may not be the source of the error, because the help file cleary says: Each VTS can have 99 Movies and 250 menus.

In this project, there's only 1 subtitle (automatically on) with only 1 line of dialogue which is only applied to 1 movieclip.


VTS 01 - USF
Menus: 135

VTS 02 - USH
Menus: 112

VTS 03 - USJ
Menus: 98

VTS 04 - Facts
Menus: 11

VTS 05 - Timeline
Menus: 12

VTS 06 - Live
Menus: 3

VTS 07 - Workprint
Menus: 16

VTS 08 - Queue
Menus: 1

VTS 09 - 3D Villain
Menus: 1

VTS 10 - Word/Credits
- Menus: 6

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